Philadelphia Calling – Clashing Rockers THE SPARKLERS Have A Punk Riot Of Their Own

27 April 2022


Who: A band formed at the turn of the century in the taverns and dive bars of their
beloved city of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania. Punch-drunk romantics playing gutter
pop and junk country, but it’s really just Rock ’n’ Roll.


Turn Up The Volume: The Sparklers bring 1977 to 2022. They looked/listened to the past,
took notes, tuned up their guitars and their monitors in their basement, and here they
are today with a riot of their own. Yes, the spit and sneer spirit of iconic legends The Clash is all over this record.

Spiky guitars on a ripping roll, throbbing drum beats, and anxious vocals (Slow Songs Fast / Late Great Saturday Night / Among The Heather). But also Bob Mould and his former mates Hüsker Dü are part of the party ( Victories Past / Positively Broad Street / Mercury Falls).

This Philly trio masters all the triggering tricks to make you jump all over the
place like a crackpot on a pogo stick. Need more to vote? I don’t think so.

Miss Philadelphia has won the contest.

Here’s why…


C’mon Sixers you can do it, beat Toronto

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