Dream Pop Duo RICHES Capture Your Heart With New Single ‘THE FREQUENCY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

28 April 2020

Who: International synth pop duo with Catherine McCandles (Young Galaxy)
and Wynn Holmes (choreographer). It is a multidisciplinary, intercontinental
collaboration of music, dance and performance. Songs are the first iteration
of the project, and take a narrative approach to themes concerning the
performance of creative rituals, identity, transgression and devotion.

The duo’s third single composed with
Sweden’s Dan Lissvik (Studio/Atelje).

Riches: “The Frequency is about being swept up, being in love, longing and belonging,
soothing and alive. It is a calling on the ethereal to take on form, on music to bring
touch and connection over the frontiers of physical walls and distances.”

Turn Up The Volume‘s impressions,…

Starry-eyed, seductive, and spirited sensitivity.

Dream pop splendor in motion, with shiny synths, bouncy basslines,
laid-back drums, sensual vocals, and majestic orchestration. This winsome
humdinger will find its way to your yearning heart and your restless soul.

Magnificent score.

Enjoy here…

Also on Spotify

RICHES: Facebook – Instagram

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