Singer Songwriter RYAN THOMAS SMELLE Has A Stylish Animated Single Out For Moody Ballad ‘EASIER SAID THAN DONE’

For your eyes (and your ears too)

28 April 2022


Who: A singer/songwriter from the Niagara Region playing for
over 20 years now. His music crosses many genres and includes
acoustic, folk, pop, rock, country and adult contemporary.


Smelle: “Every day we plan to get things done and there is always a list
of things we put off ‘til tomorrow. I penned this tune 20 plus years ago
and when I was picking songs for my new album In The Homestretch,
I dived into my back catalogue and revamped this tune.

Now having my own studio, I was able to record all the parts myself and
the bass line totally drives this song. There is a definite laid-back vibe to this
one and it seems to be the track that resonates with a lot of my listeners.”

TUTV: This is melancholia at its moody best. A gentle and tender ballad
that starts playing around in your head after only one spin. Don’t wait ’til
tomorrow, listen to this folky reflection now.

Everyone has vice or two like you
But we all know what we should do
Instead we stay the same not change
Is there really someone else to blame
I could get a move on or improve on myself
But there’s no way
I waking up to find me say
That today is not the day

Here’s the video clip. A stylish animated beauty…

RYAN THOMAS SMELLE: Spotify – Website

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