Canadian Songstress LAYE With Mixed Emotions On Catchy Hip-Hop-Pop Lullaby ‘I COULD DIE’

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5 May 2022

(Remarkable single art work)

Artist: LAYE (Canada)
New single: I COULD DIE

Laye: “It’s about feeling tired of all the annoyances in life – men, catty girls – and that’s it’s better to feel all the feelings than to feel nothing at all. There’s something hopeful in being able to feel anything at all, even if you feel annoyed or frustrated; there’s something to hold onto there. It doesn’t make anything easier, but giving listeners a sad song, lyrically, with something playful to hold onto makes feeling your way through those sad emotions more palatable. I want you to feel that punch of wanting to feel something, along with the knowledge that if you’re in that headspace, you’re not alone.

Turn Up The Volume: Mixed emotions on this hip-hop-pop lullaby that definitely will generate mixed emotions for listeners who feel the same way. Laye‘s reflections about feeling nothing, feeling empty, and feeling worthless are, unfortunately, a widespread problem of mental health. And these troubled times don’t help either, of course.

On the other hand Laye embeds her painful experiences in a terrifically catching tune
that resonates as a soul-saving light at the end of the tunnel. Feeling up after going down is what this heartfelt humdinger is about. The late great genius Prince once sang about
the ‘Sign o’ the Times‘, and that’s relevant again.

Affliction and hope…

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