Melodramatic Epicness With Norwegian Trio DIM GRAY And New Monumental Single ‘MARE’

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6 May 2022

photo by Emil Vestre

Who: Three musicians with contrasting musical backgrounds
in genres as diverse as black metal, progressive rock, blues,
folk and film music, but in fusing these together they began
to develop their own distinctive sound.

New album: FIRMAMENT
The trio’s second LP following their praised 2020 debut Flown

Release: 2 September 2022 through English Electric Recordings

Press info: Firmament will appeal musically to fans of artists such as
Radiohead, Agnes Obel, Owen Pallett, Susanne Sundfør, Keane and Tears
For Fears
. Thematically, it explores further the landscape of melancholy
and longing that was introduced on ‘Flown’; however, those sensations
are now contextualised in the depressions of the modern world, juxtaposed
against romanticised ideas of simpler times through childhood memories
interspersed with myths and superstition.

New single: MARE

Oskar Holldorff (singer/keyboardist) about the song: “It’s about trying to break
free of invisible shackles and the yearning for something more. We tried to balance
the earnest expression of emotions with more obscure imagery, but achieving the
right blend took a lot of time and effort.”

Turn Up The Volume: Mare is melodramatic epicness in sonic motion.
This sky-reaching symphony sparkles with lyrical synths and shiny guitars
and Holldorff‘s transcendent voice lifts this rhapsodic tour de force to
the stars on the firmament, up high. Magnifico.

The dark side of Editors and the experimental
grandeur of Sigur Ros. Fascinating, right? You bet.

Enjoy here…

DIM GRAY: Website – Facebook

Artwork by Linnea Vestre

FIRMAMENT out 2 September 2022 – order info here.

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