Toronto Heroes MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS Cover Ska Legends THE BEAT

12 May 2022

Remember MARTHA AND THE MUFFINS? There’s a big chance you do,
as their biggest hit Echo Beach (1979) has more than 31 million streams
on Spotify (so far).

The band emerged from the early punk/new wave/art-pop scene in 1977 playing
in various Toronto before meeting the world. Founding members Martha Johnson
and Mark Gane are still rockin’ the boat.

They’re back with their cover of SAVE IT FOR LATER, a hit of British ska heroes
THE BEAT. It was initially transformed for use on season three of English comedy-
drama series Sex and  Education.

Martha and The Muffins‘ take of the song is zippy, vivacious, and sickly
catchy. You should save this earworm at least until summer.

Here we go…

The Beat’s original

Want more Muffins? Check their 2021 compilation of rare singles, B-sides assembled
on Marthology: In And Outtakes. You can stream/buy the collection via Bandcamp

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