Frantic Songstress JEEN Looks Back At Being In A Bad Place With ‘ON AND ON’

New striking strokes

12 May 2022

Artist: JEEN

Who: All-round Canadian singer/songwriter who has written for many recording
artists such as ‘Great Big Sea’, ‘Serena Ryder’, ‘Res’, ‘Hawksley Workman’, ‘Brendan Canning’, ‘FUWA FUWA’, Martin ‘Doc’ McKinney and more. She was a member of ‘Cookie Duster‘ with ‘Brendan Canning‘ of ‘Broken Social Scene‘.

Albums: Gift Shop (2018), Jeen (2020), Dog Bite (2021)

New single: ON AND ON

Jeen: “It’s about breaking points and falling down more times than you’re
willing to get back up. I wrote this song last year when everything was
grinding me down and nothing seemed worth it. “

Turn Up The Volume: This is the first taster of Jeen‘s new, forthcoming album (September). Four albums in 4 years. Talking about non-stop creative productivity.
I wonder when she finds the time to write for other artists.

From the kick-off you sense the anxious retrospect on desperate experiences,
but also the gung-ho determination to get back on track. Jean has that poignant
willpower and that knock-down-and-drag-out emotiveness of Avril Lavigne. She’ll
find a way to sort it all out.

Everything got so complicated
Every day’s so intoxicating
Anyway I tried a hundred times (and on and on and on)
And I think you must be blind
When you say everything’s fine (and on and on and on)

Feel the ardency here…

You can buy On and On via Bandcamp.
JEEN: Facebook – Sporify

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