Emotive Norwegian Pop Orchestra INSOMNIAC BEARS Will ‘SEE YOU IN COURT’

New striking strokes

18 May 2022

(Photo: Anne Valeur)

Who: Norwegian art-rock group producing a progressive mix of retro and
futuristic sounds, creating a unique atmosphere with pop sensibility.

New single: SEE YOU IN COURT

“The track brings hyper specific authenticity and uplifting collectivism to their wistful
guitars and energic vocals. With high-level intensity and addictively turbulent hooks,
it feels propulsive and surprising until the very end.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is the first single from the band’s debut album, landing
on 9 September 2022. It’s an effervescent and euphoric piece of multi-sonic grandeur. Catching, arresting, and greatly orchestrated featuring shiny synths, bouncy guitars,
firm drums, and poignant vocals.

When the fevered chorus kicks in you know we have when a winner.
I wonder if we can hear the track in court too?

Press play here…

Also streaming on Spotify


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