Spine-Chilling Goth Artist AVA VOX Creates Sonic Trance On Her Album ‘IMMORTALISED’

19 May 2022

Artist: AVA VOX

Who: Dublin native (real name Elaine Hannon) currently living in County Meath.
While she’s been involved with various music projects in the past few decades,
her Ava Vox persona emerged in September 2020. With a unique vocal timbre
and commanding delivery with a dash of Goth and Post-Punk, Ava Vox’s musical
style ranges from slow melodic atmospheric to dynamic rock.


Vox: “I revisited some songs that were written collectively by me and my previous band.
I wanted to give these songs new life again, for the world to hear them. Then these songs
would be preserved for evermore.”

Turn Up The Volume: Several impressive voices pop up on my inner stereo when Immortalised plays (loud) on my headphones. Patti Smith (Alone Again), Zola Jesus (One Sweet Goodbye) and Siouxise Sioux (Crash) but in the end, it’s Ava Vox‘s Goth-like twilight tonality that stands out when she invites us in her sonic trance.

The orchestral and symphonic cantata sonority fits the song’s themes such as break-ups, humankind’s destructive nature, loss, and heartache affectingly. No, it isn’t a happy record but reality is not something to be happy about all time, certainly not in these life-destroying times of pandemic and war.

Vox also decided to immortalise her interpretations of three timeless pop classics on
this album. Bowie‘s goosebumps tour de force ‘Life On Mars’, Soft Cell‘s big Tainted Love‘ hit (original by Ed Cobb – 1964), and The Cure‘s sad ‘Love Song‘. Not easy picks, but the way Vox integrates them into her own musical vision and her own dramatic approach is riveting.

Video clips: Crash / Silent Tear



Stream/buy the album here…

Vocals by Ava Vox
Piano/Hammond/keyboard by Ray McLoughlin
Electric Guitar by Enda Dempsey
Bass Guitar by James Blennerhassett
Drums by Robbie Casserly
23 Piece String Ensemble/Orchestra by Four for Music Ltd, Sofia, Bulgaria.
Original lyrics & music written by The Seventh Veil
Artist/Producer: Ava Vox
Producer/Music Director/String Arrangements by Ray McLoughlin, RMC Recording Studios
Engineered by Michael Nestor
Cover artwork & artist photography by Laelia Milleri
Costumery by fashion designer Claire Garvey

AVA VOX: Spotify – Instagram – Facebook

(photos via Shameless promotion PS)

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