Trippy Alt-Pop Travellers DIVES Don’t Like Big EGOS

New striking strokes

20 May 2022

(Photo by Marie Haefner)

Band: DIVES (Vienna, Austria)
Who: Rock ‘n’ roll time travellers taking you on wild 70s road trips and through
Venice beach nostalgia with their earworm blend of surf-pop, garage-rock, and
Riot Grrrl attitude, with a message very much for the now: Anti-discrimination
and pro-equality and humanity.

New single: EGO

The song “explores selfishness and narcissism via strange conversations, it’s about
people who never listen and just keep talking. You got to listen and stop, listen and stop

Turn Up The Volume: The funky freshness of Warpaint combined with the pop
aura of Soccer Mummy leads to Austrian trio Dives. This perky ditty sparkles and
bounces all the way. The mixture of glittery guitars, mellow vocals and trippy
eurythmics will rejoice the ears of easygoing egos.

Dive into the music…

DIVES: Facebook – Spotify

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