21 May 2022

Last week FLORENCE + THE MACHINE launched new album DANCE FEVER.

And since yesterday a deluxe edition of the longplayer has been available.
It includes acoustic versions of 4 songs from the album and one cover.

The cover is Florence Welch‘s version of The Stooges
1973 blast Search And Destroy (from the Raw Power LP).

Welch: “I was thinking about Nick Cave, I was thinking about Leonard Cohen. I was thinking about how, in some ways, although everyone undergoes huge changes, their physical bodies – especially moving through touring – have been allowed to remain unchanged and they can commit their body entirely to the stag. In the singing, I’m trying to still embody them. In the lower baritones, I’m trying to do a Leonard or a Nick or an Iggy Pop.”

Florence sounds a bit like Siouxsie Sioux here and searches not to destroy
this Stooges punk classic. Instead, she turns it into a Machine belter.

Nice one,

The raw Stooge power original


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