Metallic Punk Whirlwind MYSTERY ACTIONS Storms On New Uppercut ‘WARBEAT’

New striking strokes

22 May 2022

(photo via Novonet PR)

Who: All-female whirlwind from Chicago.

New single: WARBEAT
First cut from their new forthcoming EP

Turn Up The Volume: When you rock cool, riot cool, look cool
and spit and sneer cool, you must be Mystery Actions.

An all-female metallic punk-fun fury comprised of (hilarious names) Nikki Mouse on vocals, Lucy Dekay on guitar, Rose Beef on drums, and Mikhael Hell on bass. The group has released several EPs and singles over their five years of activity, have toured regionally, and have shared stages with punk rock legends such as Buzzcocks, The Adicts, The Dead Boys, and GBH.

Their newest smack, titled WARBEAT is a firm middle finger to all ruthless war criminals.
A series of left and right hooks on their ugly faces. A KO uppercut. These sharp-teethed super-duper ladies have all burners and cylinders on, no brakes nor breaks. And btw, don’t mess with them.

Fuck Putin!

Take action, people…

MYSTERY ACTIONS: Facebook – Spotify

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