British Gunslingers MIMOSA Have A CONTAGIOUS Impact On Your Ears

Daily electricity 2022

24 May 2022

Who: Northern indie lads from Sheffield, UK
making noise since 2022

New single: CONTAGIOUS

“Contagious was written during the second lockdown after being cooped
up at home like cattle but still having to attend work. It’s needless to say,
‘the times are scary’- essentially the song was written with the mentality
that music is the escape.”

Turn Up The Volume: What do you think of this? Topliners Arctic Monkeys
turning up their amps or Liverpool legends The La’s if they would have been
a rapid-fire punk turbo. Sounds mental, right? You bet your ass. Spiky guitars
zigzagging madly all over the place, John Bonham-like drum brutality, and Alex
‘s younger brother on vocals. Be ready to move like a nutter on a pogo
stick. Contagious badass pyrotechnics. Blitz-tastic.

Play it to the max…

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