Toronto Amazon FAVVKES Expresses Break-Up Pain In Shout Out ‘WHAT YOU SAID’

New striking strokes

25 May 2022

Who: Toronto-based artist, guitar player and songwriter. She combines pop-punk guitars with her love of modern pop music to bring you an alternative style reminiscent of artists like Courtney Love and Paramore, while leading the way with charisma and fresh fashion like Gwen Stefani and Grimes.

Neww single: WHAT YOU SAID

“It’s about all the things that weigh you down when you put so much energy
into making it work when it doesn’t work anymore, and you have a hard time
accepting it.”

Turn Up The Volume: As long as people in a relationship break up, farewell and heartbreak songs will recur in pop/rock music. And yes, we know heartbreak songs are forever. Favvkes is another victim of human nature. Fortunately, she can rock it off with this cathartic cry-out expressing her distress and pain. Think Courtney Love freaking out or Avril Lavigne on a rampage. A sense of outrage is at play here leading to an unadulterated shout out.

I was waiting for your call just the other day
But I can’t tell you all the things I wanna say
Cause I know you’d fucking hate me
I guess it makes no difference anyway

Also streaming on Spotify

FAVVKES: Facebook – Instagram

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