Sometimes Indie Soul Quartet ONISM E Wants To Scream – Hear Their New Single ‘LIN MANUEL’ Here

Daily electricity to load your batteries

27 May 2022

Who: Full-hearted indie quartet based in New York, fronted
by impassioned singer/songwriter voice Eline Chavez

New single: LIN MANUEL

Eline Chavez: I wrote it during the pandemic. It’s about the everyday struggle
where I question my place in this industry. “What am I doing? Should I keep playing?
Should I keep working towards this goal?” I know it’s a common artist struggle but
during the pandemic, that voice got louder and I started questioning my next steps.

Turn Up The Volume: First things first. With last year’s glorious crackerjack Stay
Onism E topped Turn Up The Volume’s best-knockouts list of 2021. A titillating tower
of a song from their excellent debut LP Survivors and still frequently playing on my headphones.

And here comes their first new music of 2022 with fresh piece Lin Manuel.
An introspective Chavez quest in which she questions her artistic future while
a sparkling guitar gently weeps. The tone is blue, and the timbre is shady.

This is modern-day indie-soul music with Chavez‘ anxious vocality
as the driving force of a band that cares. Stay, guys.

Stream/buy here…

ONISM E: Facebook – Instagram

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