Singer-Songwriter FOX FAGAN Activates Your Limbs With New Funky Single ‘LET’S GET LOST’

New striking strokes

28 May 2022

Who: Fagan, originally from Portsmouth, UK, is a multi-instrumentalist
singer-songwriter who lived in Melbourne, Australia before moving to
Los Angeles.

New single: LET’S GET LOST

“I remember going and picking up this strat my bandmate Pelle Hillstrom had left behind,” Fox says. “I had some pedals set up and went straight into the amp that was already miced up. I just hit this chord and this rhythm and it just felt so satisfying and kind of meditative in a way. So I thought I’d better record it. Then I just didn’t stop.”

Turn Up The Volume: Funky, groovy, and fancy are the keywords here. It has that, yes,
frisky Prince vibe. A sultry bass, Chic guitars, and spunky synths team up to intensify the tune while Fagan‘s high-pitched voice adds a tantalizing resonance. Touchdown.

Let’s get la la la la la la la.

Right here, right now…

Also streaming on Spotify

FOX FAGAN: Facebook

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