Ambient Electro Groove – CHROME DAPHNE Shares New Single ‘ENOUGH’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

29 May 2022

Who: A Toronto-based duo comprised of producers
and multi-instrumentalists Chris da Silva and Jay Cherr.

New single: ENOUGH

Jay Cherr: “The tune was inspired by attachment issues. It approaches the question
of commitment in a relationship with a wishful, dreamy apprehension — wondering
what something could be. It marks a bit of a stylistic departure from our other material.
It’s written in 6/4 which is not something you often hear in dance music, and bringing
in horn players was definitely an experiment for us.”

Turn Up The Volume: This chill-out dance sparkler has an immediate impact on
your hips. It’s a feel-good, relaxing, ambient tune with a soulful feel. Smooth synths,
some trumpet moments here and there, and floating vocals come together in a playful way and invite you to shake your booty. You won’t get enough

Here’s why…

Also streaming on Spotify


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