Manchester Misfits FURROWED BROW Go Pretty Kooky While Throwing The Bathwater Out

30 May 2022

(credit: Llana Xup)

Who: Crazy 5-piece formed in Manchester in 2019. They earned a reputation for
doggedly unorthodox shows rooted in an absolutely DIY punk aesthetic. They stick
out like flowers among vegetables – one of the most outlandish live bands around.

Press info: This song flies at you in a squall of barbarous drums, distorted
organ and 60s girl group backing vocals. It’s a jaunty inversion – uncanny,
elusive, phantasmic yet fantastic with tongue pressed firmly in cheek.

Turn Up The Volume: Don’t expect the we are a serious band mentality of Radiohead
nor the macho attitude of Metallica. Think the fun frolicsomeness, the shaky organs
and the frisky vocals by the frontman and the big twigs girls on Love Shack by legends
The B-52’s.

But even more nutty, more far-out, and kookier with a We are not Radiohead mentality. Mindless boogie-woogie jocularity we all can use in these chaotic times. Off the wall.

Don’t throw Furrowed Brow away with the bathwater.

Time to dance like a kangaroo…

Also streaming on Spotify

FURROWED BROW: Facebook – Instagram

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