British Indie Quartet AFTER LONDON Breathe With Hope On Their New Funky Stroke ‘HURRICANE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

1 June 2022

Who: London quartet producing a striking sound with
infectious hooks, truly unique delivery, and effortless swagger.


“Hurricane” is about coming up for air after a long time in deep water. It’s a commentary
on anxiety as our new age common plague – ‘pit in my stomach, learnt to serve it’, the dark undercurrent of technology – ‘white screen with a blue tick mural, your fix is somebody’s flaw though’ and genuine need for human contact ‘hard embrace, saves the intervention’. Best listened to on a late-night drive.”

Artwork single

Turn Up The Volume: The combination of a funky and foot-tapping groove,
a bouncy rhythmic, spry and soulful vocals by the band’s charismatic Amazon,
and a sprightly and sticky as A-1 glue chorus help you to breathe again in these
alarming times. Play it everywhere, any time. It’ll enliven your worrying state of
mind. Don’t miss this hopeful injection.

Press play

Also streaming on Spotify

AFTER LONDON: Facebook – Instagram

(Pics via Roadkill Records, UK)

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