Welsh Rocker HEDDLU Translates His Frustration In New Bewildered Cry Out ‘LOCKER’

New striking strokes

2 June 2022

Artist: HEDDLU
Who: The musical vehicle of West Wales singer-songwriter Rhodri Daniel.

The Ceredigion native was a founding member of renowned Welsh band Estrons
who had a major impact on the industry having gained rave reviews from the likes of
NME, Vice, DIY and Clash to BBC Radio, Radio X, Ultimate Guitar, The Guardian and Independent.

FFO: Chemical Brothers, Soulwax, NIN, The Rapture, LCD Soundsystem

New single: LOCKER

“The song was born from the frustration of being unable to escape from the confines
of the artist’s own mind, after months of insomnia caused by incessant tinnitus. Sung
from the perspective of a mad-man the protagonist is imprisoned with, under the sea.”

Score: It must be terrible if your sleepless mind is in lockdown and holds its
own thoughts hostage. This Welsh musician knows all about it and translated his frustration about it in this bewildered cry out propelled by throbbing drums and schizophrenic riffs with Heddlu fucked-up vocals expressing anger, anxiety and perturbation all at once. Scary.

Madness in video clip motion…

HEDDLU: Facebook

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