Metallic Moshpit Madness With Tormentors DAUFØDT And Their New Explosive Projectile ‘KNEKKEN’

New striking strokes

4 June 2022

(Photo: Brage Pedersen)

Who: Noiseninks from Norway

New single: KNEKKEN
First cut from their upcoming
sophomore album ‘Aromaterapi‘,
out on 29th September.

Score: I have no clue whatsoever what Daufødt’s loudmouth Annika Homme
is raging and blazing about – and not only because of the foreign language – but it’s definitely not about the birds and the bees. Knekken sounds more like an excorcistic caterwaul straight from bloody hell. Its Apocalyptic hammering and its horrendous hardcore howling torture your poor stereo without clemency. I really wonder how long
the psycho-o-tic front punkette can go on without exploding into a thousand pieces. Anyway this is the scary shit you need to ignite some metallic moshpit madness.

Alert your ears and warn your
neighbours before you press play.


DAUFØDT: Facebook

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