Eggs On Toast Inspired Liverpool Duo ERNEST MOON Charms With New Reverie ‘UNKIND’

New striking strokes

6 June 2022

Who: Two creative songsters – Steven Doran and Brian Murphy – from Liverpool with
a gift for wise cracks and impactful one-liners, brought together by a liking for eggs on toast. They offer lush lyrics, heavy hands and a rat-arsed sincerity. Their sound has been described as pushy pop, “filling the gap between pretentious lyrical art and bog standard
pop music

FFO: Calexico, Ween, Ash, The Clash, Sultans of Ping, Supergrass, Pulp

New single: UNKIND

The third shared piece from the duo’s sophomore album
Skipping To Maloo (artwork above) out 15 June. Order info here.

Score: Unkind is a charming, gentle and moony reverie best enjoyed while
relaxing under the evening sun. Ideal for a careless moment for romantics
who love eggs on toast just like these two Scousers do to feed their muse.

Taste here…


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