Reasons To Be Cheerful – JAMES DOMESTIC Rants And Rips On His Solo Debut Album ‘CARRION REPEATING’

7 June 2022

Artist: JAMES DOMESTIC (Essex/Suffolk, UK)
Who: Member of former hardcore gangs The Domestics), plus Pi$$er,
Tokyo Lungs
and half a dozen more. He’s a punk poet, DJ, singer/songwriter,
doctorate owner, producer, and inspirator of young punk bands. An artistic

Out: in April via Kibou Records

Turn Up The Volume‘s impressions:

My verdict is simple. Carrion Repeating is a contender for my best-albumsof-2022 list

Why? Domestic raps, rants, rips and rages through all of the 11 tracks on this solo debut longplayer with grit and guts. He’s a story-telling Cockney wordsmith, tackling politics, daily life shit, gobbling business sharks, and other related mess.

Musically anything is possible. Screechy guitars and 60s sounding Hammond organs to inflame tirades such as Itchy Itchy, Faze Out, Bean Counter and Push on Trough. Saxophone and steel drums straight from Trinidad on Mañana. Soulful female voices and Le Freak C’est Chic riffs on Never Enough. A reggae vibe with xylophone touches on Is Thay You?. Dub Jah Wobble bas on Weekend Carbs and Giblets. He just does what his ears like.

One moment he sits back for a sort of lazy Mike Skinner musing, then again he turns it up like Sleaford Mods do with sharp-toothed gusto, but overall the idiosyncratic vocality, the ingenious verbality, and the stream of catchy tunes of the late genial legend Ian Dury are omnipresent and it works like a magnet. Lots of reasons to be cheerful. I’m sure you understand now why Carrion Repeating will be on my best-of-2022 list.

Singles/clips: Mañana / Faze Out / Push On Through




Stream/buy the full album here…

DOMESTIC: Facebook – interview with Turn Up The Volume

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