Manchester Quartet WEIMAR Muse About The ‘SOHO RAIN’

Daily electricity

10 June 2022

(Photo by Zac Gale)

Band: WEIMAR (pronounced Vy-marr)

Who: Eclectic progressive art-rock quartet formed in 2016 in
Manchester (UK). They produce a range of styles from post-punk roots
to no wave, cabaret, chanson, jazz, funk, psychedelia, alternative folk
and gothic rock, coming together in a distinctive fusion.

FFO: Violent Femmes, Pylon, The B-52’s, Wall of Voodoo, The Divine
Comedy, The Velvet Underground, The Fall, Buzzcocks, Iggy Pop.

New single: SOHO RAIN
From the band’s upcoming
Under The Volcano album.

Aidan Cross (frontman): “Soho Rain explores themes of nostalgia for
the bygone past amidst gentrification and cultural erosion, and heartache,
loss and love within the seedy backstreets of the urban metropolis.”

Turn Up The Volume: I connected immediately with this song. I’m from
Belgium, so I’m used to a lot of rain. Weimar are an English band, so they
know a lot about rain too.

Anyway, rain is the weather to stay at home and let your lazy thoughts
take over. Rain has a nostalgic effect, ain’t it? And that’s what this musing
pipe dream exactly feels like, certainly when that Taxi Driver movie
saxophone comes up in the end. A bluesy beauty.

Meet the Soho rain girl…

WEIMAR: Facebook – Bandcamp

Under The Volcano album is out on 24th June. More info here.

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