WOLF VANWYMEERSH With His Early Years In Motion

10 June 2022

Belgian singer-songwriter WOLF VAN WYMEERSCH is a versatile musician who played/plays in several bands, but now he decided that it was time to write/record
his solo debut LP. It came out early May and is baptized THE EARLY YEARS.

Wolf: “It has become a retrospective record with songs that muse about childhood,
love or life or songs that were effectively written in my youth. In terms of sound, it is
a combination of acoustic, electric and electronic sounds.”

Turn Up The Volume named it album of the month of May: “The easy-listing construction
of his classy compositions transfers you to a place where reality fades away and makes room for melancholic memories. As I said before (several times) Wolf is a romantic at heart with a soul-stirring singer/songwriter gift (did I already mention, Father John Misty?) and a heartwarming voice. Magnific achievement.”

Last Friday it was launch night in his (and mine) hometown of Ghent, Belgium in
a cozy club for a cozy performance. I’ve seen Wolf playing countless times with
the bands he was in, but this was the first as a solo entertainer. Just like the album
this gig is one to cherish.

And just like on the album, Wolf and his two playmates created a warm, mellow atmosphere. But the tone and drive were much rockier than on record which
was received with euphoric screaming by the clap-along crowd.

The greater part of the set, of course, consisted of gems of the longplayer, supplemented with three beauties (Not To / Friendly Is Better / Queen Of Mire)
from his romantic 2021 EP Songs Of Light And Shade all served with grace, with
charm and with a big heart. Wolf is here to stay.

Picture this

Wolf is wide awake

And on synths… Stijn Vanmarsenille
And on guitar (and vocals here and there)… Roeland Vandemoortele

And on guitar (and vocals here and there)… Roeland Vandemoortele

Buy/stream here

WOLF VANWYMEERSCH: Facebook – Instagram

All photos by Wouter De Sutter
Kinky Star Ce Soir

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