Californian Guitar Manics- JOYNOISE Jack Up The Heat On Rad Ripper ‘POLLEN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

(Photo Credit: Salma Bustos)

Who: Guitar-insane indie trio
from Orange County, CA

New single: POLLEN

From their new stoked full length You’re Surrounded By The Best Arpound.
An album “about angst, sadness, grief, and most of all catharsis.”

“Our melodramatic, new single is influenced by the actions of both myself and other friends of mine. It’s basically detailing the fictional narrator’s descent into insanity as they desperately cry for help. “Pollen” is a meaningless title for a meaningful song. It’s my brain in a blender served over ice.”

Turn Up The Volume: Decibels up, noise up, volume up. These Californian gunslingers rock harder than Weezer and heftier than Green Day. This high-speed and riff mad-as-a-hatter steamroller storms and thunders without looking back.

Your head will spin uncontrollably like meatl freaks Beavis and Butthead. Scream out loud, go berserk, go bonkers, even if you’re on your own in your room. So much cheaper than a shrink.

Feel the heat…

JOYNOISE: Facebook – Instagram

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