Electro-Punk Duo LA LUNGLE Explored The Dark Sides Of Their Lockdown Minds On New Album ‘EPHEMERAL FEAST’

14 June 2022

Who: A tropical-hot two cylinder
noise engine from Belgium.

Released: 10 June 2022 – order here.

Info: “This new album was born in the heart of successive confinements, far from parties,
tours and the promiscuity that the group likes to maintain with its audience. Jim & Roxie composed it in the spring of 2020 at Rockerill in the Charleroi region, their only base during
the weeks and months of the pandemic. They wrote ten new titles colder and clearly less festive than usual. Definitely influenced by a context far from being pleasant, La Jungle this time makes use of chilling sounds. She abandons the time of a disc her dancing gimmicks to grant a more important place to the fears and anxieties which transcend existence.”

Score: First things first. This is probably the hardest working duo on the planet.
Only the nasty pandemic could stop their never ending tour all over Europe.

Their non-stop, relentless gigging turned them into a mean 2-cylinder machine
loved by their ever-growing fanbase. But they not only rock their tails off on a
podium. The 2-piece just unleashed their 5th longplayer in 7 years (hello Radiohead?) .

It’s a fully flabbergasting record. On the intro-intruder track and the following two mesmeric jams (Hallow Love / Rivari) the partners in electro-punk crime introduce
you to a darker side of their natural noise habitat. Welcome to the gloomy and doomy corners of La Jungle‘s psyche. Then again, No Eyes is a vintage electro punk LJ juggernaut.

And with Another Look To The Woman In The Gloom, De Verna and Verna its back to their hypnotizing Krautrock wizardry, but this time with a menacing and transfixing sonority.

It all feels and sounds like lockdown paranoia. After two science-fiction like years we know now that the future is wholly unpredictable which leads to angst, confusion and disquiet. Tons of questions, only a few answers.

La Jungle created their own sonic dark side of the moon hallucinations with closer WCCLD
as the mind-intoxicating climax. With every spin the listening experience gets more intriguing and more obfuscous. Like going through the motions on a midnight Doomsday feast with these madmen touring like crazy again (dates below).

Buy/stream the album here…

LA JUNGLE: Facebook – Instagram – Spotify

TOUR 2022

(Live pics by Turn Up The Volume)

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