JIMMY EAT WORLD Back With Something Loud

New striking strokes

14 June 2022

JIMMY EAT WORLD, the emo rockers from Arizona are back
from having never been away. Their 10th LP Surviving saw
the day of light in 2019.

A new album is canned. Info later.

Jim Adkins: “While I thought I made the most of the early band days, I realize now I missed some stuff. You’re in such a hurry to grow out of the formidable years. There’s an obviously better future; you’re just doing your time to wait out. Like shit-togetherness is going to magically arrive when you hit some age you thought ‘grownups’ were.”

First the lead-single SOMETHING LOUD. Jimmy still eats the world
with over-the-top guitar frenzy and LOUD sticking choruses.

JEW: Facebook – Instagram

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