WIESINGER And JESSA SKY – Summer Dance Dynamite With New Duet Firecracker ‘JUST GIVE UP’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

16 June 2022

Who: Canadian singer-songwriter teaming
up with a wonderful soul voice.

New single: JUST GIVE UP

Weisingeer: “We get this proverbial permission slip from our own perception
to move on from jobs, relationships, hobbies, new opportunities, and meaningful
experiences because we have this fear of failure, or not being good enough. I want
to inspire people to never give up, because things can get better if we don’t. We
need to live with the hope that every setback is simply a disguised setup for
a future success or victory! ”

Score: This is a glam and glitter tune with dynamizing duet vocals and an electrical
climax. You’ll swing and sway your hips all summer long. On the beach, in your garden,
in the street, in the disco, just everywhere you have enough room to shake your booty
to this swirling booster. Make sure you fix yourself enough cocktails, you’ll be thirsty
after pumping up this jam time after time.

Don’t give up, keep dancing…

WIESINGER: Instagram
JESSA SKY: Facebook

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