VELVET – Young Wolves From Glasgow With Stunner ‘SPINE’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

17 June 2022

Who: Young indie rock squad
from Glasgow, Scotland

New single: SPINE
From same-titled EP.
More info here

Score: Holy cow! Smells like indie teen spirit. These young Glaswegian wolves
are really hungry. With their new steamy stunner single Spine they take you on
a rough blood-and-guts ride with agitated vocal emotions an warm-blooded fervency, going forth and back on a quiet/Loud/quiet eruption that makes the hairs in your neck stand up.

Here and there piano fragments and a Black Country New Road saxophone raises
a what’s-going-to-happen next feel. Anyway Velvet is not going underground, they’re
to make a lot of commotion and draw a lot of attention. And they succeed, with
grinta and guts. Touchdown!

Feel the heat here…

VELVET: Facebook – Instagram

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