Flamboyant Toronto Duo GOODNIGHT SUNRISE Hits Heavy With New Belter ‘WAIT FOR IT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

21 June 2022

Who: High-energy rock duo from Toronto, CA

New single: WAIT FOR IT

“Our new song is an upbeat summer anthem for anyone who’s sick of being pressured
to fit in and follow trends, and it’s also for the dreamers that are tired of everyone else
acting like they’ve got all the answers.”

Turn Up The Volume: This badass belter feels so good, for two reasons.

One: it energies your bloodstream and your state of mind. Two: you can scream
your lungs out to it while showing your middle finger to all machos and narcissist
out there.

This flamboyant duo rocks big time. Like guitar-riff machine Joan Jett turning up the decibels and teaming up with voices in crime Miley Cyrus and riot grrl Demi Lovato. And when the crackerjack chorus blasts out of your stereo it’s pyrotechnics time. Bang-on!

I’m still here because I’m not there yet
So just wait for it

Turn up the heat here…



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