TÖRZS – Hungarian Post Punk Trio Impresses With New Flabbergasting Instrumental ‘ATFORDUL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

Who: The biggest instrumental post-rock band in Hungary.

New single: Átfordul (Live at Bükk)

Turn Up The Volume: If your a fan of Scottish sound-crusaders Mogwai then
this radiant Hungarian trio will be your next favourite band. Their new cinematic composition Átfordul has the psychedelic power and slo-mo groove characteristics :
of those celebrated Scots. Its magnific guitar euphony goes forth and back with
ardent flare-ups now and then. It’s an orchestral exploit progressing with grace
for over seven flabbergasting minutes and creates an atmospheric trance.

Grandiose accomplishment. .

About the video: Depicted in arresting black and white, the wooded mountain terrain becomes an important dramatic counterpart for the music, as the camera — led by Máté Szombath, the video’s cinematographer — glides past sparsely leafed trees, revealing a depth that allows viewers to better perceive the expanse of the forest surrounding the band.

Get puzzled here…

TÖRZS: More Music on Bandcamp – Facebook – Instagram

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