Eldritch Sledgehammer – Graveyard Goths VAZUM With New Sucker Punch ‘ANGEL’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

24 June 2022

Band: VAZUM (Detroit, Michigan)

Who: Zach Pliska and Emily Sturm. The project started in 2017.
They describe their sound as deathgaze, combining the raw energy
of deathrock with the depth of shoegaze. So far the duo released
four albums and a handful of singles and EPs.

New single: ANGEL

“Angel is a fast-paced punk / deathrock / shoegaze hybrid composed by Zach Pliska (vocals/guitar/drums) and Emily Sturm (vocals/bass) and recorded in their own Light
Echo Studios. Angel is the second release from VAZUM in 2022, following the Thief
double single from March. VAZUM is working on an album for release later this year.”

Turn Up The Volume: I need to say this first. Goths are no freaks nor poseurs or
anything that Goth-haters stigmatize them with. It’s about who they are, about what
their hearts and souls want to be, it’s a way of life just like Goth-haters have their
own way of life, being utter idiots, that is.

Am I a Goth expert? Not at all. But I have several Goth friends and, as I love Goth music,
I’m a regular visitor of the yearly massive W-FEST in Belgium where Goth-related artists perform. Yes, they’re humans just like you and me, with emotions, desires, aspirations
and with feelings of love/pain/joy/sadness/hope/dreams etc., just like you and me.

Having said that, let’s go the music, to Angel. A pitch-black NIN echoing sledgehammer steaming from the get-go with shocking pace and propelled by layers of schizophrenic guitar feedback. Pliska‘s wicked voice spooks all over it and gets company by Sturm‘s wailing on the infectious chorus, augmenting the G-factor.

Another eldritch sucker punch. Another graveyard party anthem.

Quick to point your finger
At anyone you don’t like
When opportunity strikes
In the end you’ll be ashamed
When all your lies and mistakes
Attach to your name

Angel, what’s your problem
You always know what’s right
Angel, it’s what you like

Buy/stream ‘Angel’ here…

Upcoming graveyard parties…

VAZUM: Facebook – Instagram

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