JANIZ – A Rush Of Caring Power Pop With Their New EP ‘CANDY COLORED RAIN’

24 June 2022

Who: Emo/pop-punk band from Chemnitz,Germany.

The songs deal with serious topics like depression or social
exclusion and packs them into colorful sound constructs.

(artwork EP)

Turn Up The Volume: Imagine this. Early No Doubt fronted by German
riot grrl legend Nena or Fall Out Boy with a girl singing her heart out. Well,
Janiz rushes and races in the same field as those turbulent bands.

Cool, right? You betcha.

With spunky stormers titled We All Fall Down, Erase! Erase! Erase! and Bombshell
(a break-up telephone conversation) the band make it loud and clear that they
care about daily life problems, about our messed-up realty, about (in)human
issues. No songs about the birds and bees, yet. That’s up to the future.

But there’s no law against incorporating serious themes in fuzz and buzz steamrollers (Lovebirds / Boys In Suits / We All Fall Down). That’s what Janiz do with punch and panache and when they slow down on Hate To Love You the fervor stays intact. Ja, Beeindruckend.

Lots of candy available via Apple Music.

Video clip for Black Spot

Check it all out and fall in love…

JANIZ: Facebook – Instagram

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