Waking Up… MY WAY (Comme D’Habitude)

Works faster than caffeine

Yoohoo. I’m having holidays in the sun in the South
of France, so let’s have some French music.

Do you know the origin of FRANK SINATRA‘s blockbuster
hit MY WAY (288 million streams on Spotify)?

It’s his cover of a French song called COMME D’HABITUDE (“As Usual”).
A song about routine in a relationship falling out of love composed by
French songwriter Jacques Revaux, with lyrics by French pop star
CLAUDE FRANCOIS who made it a big hit in 1967.

A year later the song was played to Canadian crooner Paul Anka who loved
it on the spot. He wrote new lyrics for it, passed it on to The Golden Voice who
cemented it for eternity. His most famous and iconic performance ever.




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