Songsmith COLYN CAMERON Shares EYE-Catching Clip For Dark Lullaby ‘DEEPFAKES’

Eye-catching clips

25 June 2022

Who: Singer-songwriter from Vancouver.

New single/clip: DEEPFAKES
Third new shared song from his upcoming
album Freehand.

Cameron: “I was reading a book by the same name as my new single,
Deepfakes by Nina Schick, which got me thinking about this AI technology,
but also the veil of capitalism that we already exist under, and how this
particular corner of the near future relates to the mega-marathon of
consumption & distorted nature of our current priorities.”

Deepfakes is a sweet little lullaby. Gentle, tender and warm.
Like crooners do. But the lyric topic is less charming.

Capitalism (still) rules. And some new technology like AI only serves
capitalism. The bitter truth is that you can’t stop the greedy money
sharks. Fortunately, they can’t stop good music.

Here’s the eye-catching accompanying,
as scary as capitalism…

Artwork upcoming album – info on Bandcamp


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