THE BANKROBBER Scores Again With New Single ‘BURY ME SOFTLY’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

25 June 2022

Who: Italian alt-pop band led by
brother ad sister Giacomo and
Maddalena Oberti

New single: BURN ME SOFTLY
Third new piece from their
forthcoming, sophomore album.

Score: This is a mesmeric slo-mo electro groove with Soft Cell synths here and there, a booming beat making your head move up and down while your feet tap to the rhythm. The dark lyrics and the haunting siblings vocals create a shadowy atmosphere. A curious and capricious cut. Another great single. Bring on the album!

Try this: lights out, headphones on, volume to the max.
It’ll feel like if your heart beats like hammer blows.

Press play here…

THE BANKROBBER: Instagram – Facebook

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