Waking Up With New Creepy/Hilarious OSEES Blow

Works faster than caffeine

25 June 2022

Artwork new album

JOHN DWYER, the man who breathes, eats, drinks and dreams
music will test your speakers’ resilience with a new OSEES album,
named A FOUL FORM in August.

But first new single PERM ACT.

Listen what Dwyer has to say about the song’s inspiration. Creepy but oh so funny.

Dwyer: “Who likes a cop? Other cops. After years of having unpleasant to violent encounters with police, I had the thought that wouldn’t it be fun if they loved each other so much they ate each other…a sort of dark comedy contemporary and executive branch based “a modest proposal.”

Here’s the unhinged, animated clip. Brilliant…

All tour dates 2022 HERE.

OSEES: Facebook


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