LOVE COMMAND O – Hit The Dance Floor With This Disco Duo And Their New Single ‘GUILTY (Release The Wolf)

Daily electricity to load your batteries

28 June 2022

Who: The musical collaboration between Husband and Wife duo Fox & Bex,
based between Dublin and Berlin. Inspired by a relentless passion for 1980’s
Italo Disco and New York Mutant Disco, the Duo have cherry-picked the best
of these styles, combining this into a psychoanalytic musical examination of
Married life, Toxic Masculinity, Jungian Psychology and the rebirth of Love.

New single: GUILTY (Release The Wolf)
From the upcoming debut LP ‘Integration’

Score: I love this and all of you out there who like to shake their booty will too. For synth/dance boosters like this the flashy glitter-colored dance floors of the good old discotheque times should come alive again. This is Saturday Night Fever fuel for each
day of the week. A-1 electro ecstasy that’ll awake all of your limbs and speed up the
pace of your bloodstream, all summer long.

Spectacular tune, spectacular clip.

This is the moment…

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