Glamorous Toronto Duo DILETTANTE Impress With Their ‘MONSTER’ Of A Song

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2 July 2022

Who: Glam pop Toronto duo, Natalie Panacci and Julia Wittmann,
who performed for 5 years as For Jane, a project inspired by their

Single/video: MONSTER
Closing track of their new, emo-avid self-titled album. Stream it below.

Julia Wittman: “You’re a monster and I don’t forgive you,” was the sentiment
I shared when I sat at a bar and cried to my friends about the end of my relationship.
The next day, our producer, Maks Milczarczyk, sent a voice memo with the lyrics to
“Monster,” and from there we turned my feelings into art.

Score: Another example of how a toxic relationship can lead to a sonic
break-out eruption. Monster is a terrifically drop-dead gorgeous pop pearl
propelled by an arousing wall-of-90s-synths-sound, a non-stop titanic beat
and crystal clear and energezing vocals à la Sharon Van Etten/Angel Olsen.
Sickly sticky and overwhelmingly infectious. A monster of a song.


Press play and get puzzled…

Full album streaming on Spotify


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