NO EXIT For Brighton’s Femmes Fatales HVIRESS

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5 July 2022

Band: HVIRESS (pronounced ‘Heiress’)

Who: The occult, musical love child of Hana Piranha and
Mishkin Fitzgerald. Fierce friends and writing partners since
touring together in 2013, where they found they had more
in common than just rock music.

New single: NO EXIT
Follow-up to earlier ace single Golden Apple and Arrival

Press info: “Sonically, No Exit is a slow, sinister build into an explosive, hook-driven
chorus, delivering sulphur-hot vocals from Hana and Mishkin. Expert production is
provided by Evan Rodaniche (Cage9). No Exit has been selected to appear alongside
other iconic artists on the compilation release
This Is Deathpop by GIVE/TAKE.”

TUTV: The obscure slow-progressing synth/guitar intro could easily be the obscure
intro theme of a film noir starring Hana Piranha and Mishkin Fitzgerald as Femmes
with spine-chilling voices that cause feelings of puzzlement and perturbation strengthened by the heavy metallica reverberations in the back. Spellbinding.

Reference? The theatrical Finnish turbo Nightwish,
in sound and vocals. Yes, petrifying stuff, it is.

Here’s the eye-catching video shot by Scott Chalmers

HVIRESS: Facebook – Instagram

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