Believe The Video Clip – Watch ALICE LONGYU GAO And OLI SYKES In The Future

Eye-catching video clips

6 July 2022

Chinese performance artist/DJ/songwriter ALICE LONGYU GAO teamed up with
OLI SYKES, the gigantic voice of Bring Me The Horzon for her new maddening master blaster called BELIEVE THE HYPE. A volcanic sweet-scream-sweet-scream-sweet-scream metal earthquake. Oh blimey!

Dive into the sci-fi future of this devilish
duo with your ears and your eyes

You’re listening to the future of music (Yup) (Believe the hype)
You hate to see, but I’m poppin’ on Reddit (Ha, ha) (Believe the hype)
If you try to screen me (Yo) one more time
‘Cause you don’t wanna believe (Believe the hype)
I will make your ears bleed with my Ableton Live
So, you finally believe (Believe the hype)

ALG: Facebook

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