Kick Out The Jams – SUPER AMERICAN EAGLE Launch Smoking-Hot Debut Single ‘YES’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

7 July 2022

Who: Melbourne’s super group comprising The Dandy Warhols’ drummer Brent DeBoer, Courtney Barnett‘s long-time drummer Dave Mudie aka solo artist L.A. Mood (on bass), and singer/guitarist Bob Harrow, who has previously played with both Brent and Dave (and for
a while Courtney Barnett) in the wonderful psych-country folk-rockers Immigrant Union.

Debut single: YES

Bob Harrow (guitarist) : “From memory ‘YES’ was truly written by all 3 of us. You know
how like U2 and Coldplay credit the entire band as writing the songs together? I reckon
that’s bullshit sometimes… The guitar riff / bass line and the drums came together and simultaneously the vocal melody and lyrics… then a few weeks later we tracked it and
had Sean Latino mix and master it…It would be sick if everything in life was that simple.
It probably can be.”

Score: All burners on, all cylinders on, no brakes, no breaks. These super eagles go supersonic on their debut blast like a blustery bolide going everywhere fast. A jagged juggernaut speeding up your adrenalin stream. with its ruthless kamikaze guitars and
its merciless drum/bass frenzy going through the roof. At first, I thought Iron Maiden‘s loudmouth Bruce Dickinson had joined the party. Crazed screams, indeed. Red-smoking-hot stuff is what get.

If you’re down, just say YES to SAE.
Kick out the jams, motherfuckers!

Buy/stream here…

SAE: Facebook
Cheersquad Records: Facebook

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