A 2001 STEELY DAN Cover Of JONI MITCHELL Pearl ‘CAREY’ Finally Surfaces

Back in 2001 New York legends STEELY DAN (Walter Becker (RIP)
and now 74-year-old Donald Fagen) recorded JONI MITCHELL‘s 1971
song CAREY for a tribute album to the singer-songwriter heroine (also
including Prince and Bjôrk among others).

The tribute wasn’t released until 2007, but without Steely Dan‘s cover.
Nobody knew where the track was archived. But a couple of days ago
a DJ named Steve Acri played the track on Pittsburgh Freeform radio. No
further details so far.

Anyway, the song found its way to the Internet via
The Dan Vault (a fanatic Steely Dan fan looking for
and posting rare SD material).

Check it out…

Joni Mitchell original
(An amazing live version)

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