Towering Voice JILL DAISY MAX At Crossroads With Her New Heartfelt Single ‘ALL OR NOTHING’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

8 July 2022

Who: Songstress from Los Angeles working with Daniel Jakubovic,
a very talented producer/songwriter, plays on all instruments with
a very unique touch. Old school meets today.

New single: ALL OR NOTHING
Second consecutive ‘Pick Of The Day’ in 2 months
following previous strike Facepalm.

Score: If Adele would have rock genes like roxette Miley Cyrus has she would
sound like Jill Daisy Max does on this new heartfelt single where she meets
herself at the crossroads of love.

All Or Nothing expresses emotions that are quite universal. We don’t just like
a little bit of affection. We want it all. It’s human nature.

JDM bundles all her vocal force and gets more intense and keyed-up along
the way, as do arousing guitars taking care of a thunder-and-lighting climax.

Here comes Jill Daisy
Turn it to the max,…

JDM: Instagram – Facebook

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