British Kraut-Synth-Pop Four-Piece THE UMLAUTS Put You In A Trance With New Single ‘ÄNÖTHËR FÄCT’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

11 July 2022

Who: A dance-orientated four-piece consisting of English songwriters
duo Alfred Lear writing multilingual lyrics, and Oliver Offord and
European vocalists Annabelle Mödlinger and Maria Vittoria Faldini

New single: ANOTHER FACT
The title track from their upcoming EP (out 14 October via PRAH Recordings)
following their topnotch 2021 debut Ü.

“In many ways our first record was made by accident, this one is more driven and purposeful. We have found our voices and collaborative dynamic more over the last year, through playing live and recording. “’Another Fact’ is our ode to the euphoria and strangeness of clubbing. As a group it is a space we all feel quite differently about, so working on this song became an interesting melding of experiences and perspectives,” they add of the title track. We wanted it
to sound like it was being heard from outside a nightclub. We were thinking throughout the lockdown of all of the empty nightclub spaces, those big empty silent rooms must have had a sort of spooky haunted feeling, so we were interested in inserting some of those qualities into the music.”

Turn Up The Volume: Get ready for some mindboggling techno fireworks with punchy German lyrics/vocals, that made me instantly think of German post-punk dance icons Deutsch-Amerikanische Freundschaft and Die Krupps.

But here we have a more orchestral synth resonance. Another Fact is an ongoing addictive trip with Krautrock dynamics, putting you in a trance from the very start to the clamorous finale. A nightclub anthem for 24-hour party animals. Hypnotic and addictive punk disco, perfect for some sonic brainwashing. Sounds totally insane, right? you betcha.

Steh auf und kämpfe
für dein Recht zu Party.

THE UMLAUTS: Facebook – Instagram

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