Chill Out This Summer With New Ambient (Double) Album ‘CONTINUUM’ By British Electronics CODE

Standout longplayers

13 July 2022

Band: CODE (Tonbridge, UK)

Who: Electronic quartet that earned their stripes in the electronic scene of the early 1990s and were championed by the likes of John Peel, John Digweed, and Kiss FM presenters Colin Dale and Colin Faver. Their debut album, ‘The Architect’, was released in 1995. It’s follow-up, Ghost Ship came out in 2020 after a 25-year journey, and here’s number three.

New album: CONTINUUM
Order: here

“Over the course of twelve songs (2xLP), or a more compact eight (CD & digital), ‘Continuum’ sees CODE rework both sides of their chunky, industrial techno-tinged early single ‘505 345 675 Delta 9’ / ‘Straight to Hell’, which contrast neatly with the uber-cool minimalism of ‘Pleasure’ and ‘Metal Of Lesser Proportions’. The songs ‘Atlantic’, ‘Bleak Moments’ and ‘The Architect’ all appear in remixed form from their debut, with the cosmic, improvised version of the last of these being a rare treat. Originally entitled ‘The Grand Architect’, it sounds even grander now. Six further songs are released for the first time ever across the various formats.”

Turn Up The Volume: This is the soothing soundtrack that will help you to chill out
this summer after an e-cstatic marathon of dancing yourself into a trance. Continuum
is an ideal companion for your coming down state of mind (Pleasure / You’re The One /
Love Is A Liquid

Almost whispering vocals float gently over the ambient slo-mo waves and strengthen
the overall cool down and drift away in la-la-land mood. And in the end, you get
funky trip tune Downhill Ski to move your hips one more time before going to bed.

Singles/visuals: You’re The One / Pleasure / Acheron




Stream/buy ‘Continuum’ here…

CODE: Instagram

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