German Punk Turbo SUCK Have A Knife Fight With ‘LUCIFER’

Rippers that make Turn Up The Volume screaming out loud

14 July 2022

(photo by Aylin Sengül)

Band: SUCK
Who: Hefty punk turbo
from Kassel, Germany

Jakob Fast – guitar
Isabell Rutz – vocals, synth
Patrick Pietsch – drums, vocals
Nils Köhnken – bass

Brand new piece from their
upcoming debut album Ribbit,
out 23 September.

Jakbo Fast (guitarist): “Metallica and Sabbath are the intersection that we all
agree on, while the latter have influenced my guitar style. Even though the songs
are more punk than metal, that’s where they come from.”

Turn Up the Volume: Expect a riotous sucker-punk-punch going everywhere
fast with dash and panache. Crazed vocals, Black Sabbath whangs, psychopathic
guitars, and a loud and clear turbo swagger. Watch your back Lucifer, they are
coming after you with a jagged knife. No wonder they already toured with the
awesome Amyl And The Sniffers.

These muttafokkers do not suck. Trust me, you will get thunderstruck.

Here’s why

Also roaring on Spotify

SUCK666: Instagram

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