Dutch HEY TEAM Boost Your Mood With Their New Cracker ‘O.K. SIS’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

16 July 2022

Who: Punk-pop rockers from
Nijmegen, The Netherlands

New single: O.K. SIS

“A song that almost perfectly depicts the sound between old-school
indie, alt-rock and contemporary feminist punk rock attitude.”

“This song is about a friend that you loved but just cannot be near. They always get
into trouble, always cause drama/fights, make a bunch of empty promises and get
you to do a bunch of intense stuff for them without getting anything in return.”

Turn Up The Volume: Kick-me-up crackers like this one make my day after
just one spin. A blazing bass/drum tandem ignites this jiggish jackhammer with
ardency and flamboyance and keeps on steamrolling for the full 140 seconds.

And when an avid Amazon jumps in with pithy and bouncy vocals you know,
you feel and you hear straight away that we have a winner. In a normal world,
thisshould be a huge hit, played on radios across the globe making people
happy, especially the ones with relationship problems.

A sonic injection of sassy sparks.

Crank it up…

HEY TEAM: Instagram

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