Irish Shockers GILLA BAND Have A New Chainsaw Cut Out – Listen Here To ‘EIGHT FIVERS’

New striking strokes

17 July 2021

(Photo by Turn Up The Volume)

Who: Raw Irish post-punk projectile
Works: Debut album Holding Hands With Jamie
and 2019 follow-up The Talkies

New album: MOST NORMAL
Out: 7 October 2022 – order info here

Lead-single: EIGHT FIVERS

Kiely (vocalist) “‘Eight Fivers’ is about being out of touch with modern circumstances
while feeling socially limited. Never fitting in and kind of proud of it. Stuck with what I
have and happy for it. Being grateful and not fashionable, self-conscious and too aware
of what is lacking. Accepting that jealousy has played a big role in my life but trying not
to feed into it.”

I love these raw and rough post-punk mavericks. Their staccato sound,
the demonic voice of frontscreamer Dara Kiely, their chainsaw guitars and
electro crushes cause a casting out experience. Minacious and manic.


Check it out

GILLA BAND: Facebook

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